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jaipongan dance C

Jaipongan Dance-masterpiece performance

Contents1 Jaipongan masterpiece performance2 The establishment of galak sinongnong Studio3 A glimpse of  jaipongan dance4 The First Jaipongan masterpiece performance5 Presents 5 Art works of  Jaipongan dance.6 The Video Jaipongan masterpiece performance The establishment of galak sinongnong Studio Galak sinongnong studio, Teach jaipongan dance led by kang yayan abuy, a graduate of the art academy in Bandung. This […]

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Dago DreamPark

Dago DreamPark In Bandung

Contents1 Dago DreamPark2 Admission Price to Dago Dreampark3 Dago Dreampark Address4 Phone Number Dago Dreampark5 Dago Dreampark Open Hour6 Location Map Dago Dreampark Dago DreamPark Dago DreamPark becomes very familiar not only for the citizens of Bandung itself but more than that a favorite place for tourists, domestic and foreign when vacationing in Bandung. DreamPark Dago […]

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Horseback riding-Cowboy-Style-at De Ranch

Horseback riding-Cowboy-De Ranch

Contents1 Horseback riding-Cowboy-De Ranch2 Admission Price to De Ranch Lembang3 Ticket Price  and Game at De Ranch Lembang 4 Map of De Ranch Lembang Horseback riding-Cowboy-De Ranch This tourist attraction became one of the places visited by many tourists to fill out the holiday, Bandung is a city that became a tourist destination because there […]

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Contents1   3D-museum-Amazing-Art-World-Bandung2 Various Zones with Various Themes at Amazing Art World Bandung.3 Admission Price and Address Museum 3D Amazing Art World Bandung4 Operating Hours Amazing Art World Bandung5 Address of 3 Dimensional Museum of Amazing Art World Bandung   3D-museum-Amazing-Art-World-Bandung This 3D museum called Amazing-Art-World-Bandung, opened to the public since January 2017 ago. Confirmed […]

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Mountains-atmosphere-at-The Lodge-Maribaya-Cibodas-Lembang-Bandung

Mountains-atmosphere-at-The Lodge-Maribaya-Cibodas-Lembang-Bandung  In the area of north Bandung there is a travel destinations The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park. The location of this mountain tourism Bandung, located at Cibodas Village, at an altitude of between 1,312 to 2,080 meters above sea level. Highest point on the summit of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. As the area is located […]

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