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Bandung’s City Gardens – Travel Destinations.

Amid the cool city of Bandung was also saving care and hospitality. For those of you who want to relax after a shopping trip or just calm down to enjoy the trees in the center of town, this park ready to refresh your eyes.
There are several commonly known by people Bandung Cilaki Park is located on Jl. Cilaki next Gedung Sate provide comfort in the midst of the noise of passing cars along Jl. Diponegoro.
While enjoying the trees you can also taste the food around the park are sold by street vendors or more if you want more comfortable, you can enjoy a light meal in Cisangkuy Cafe adjacent park. Lintas Park Ade Irma Suryani located in JI. Sumatra also provide comfort for you and your family. In the middle of the park which is filled by a grove of trees available also some toys that could train your child’s brain and skills.
Taman Balai Kota Park is located next to City Hall,  Jl. Merdeka, which saves a few stories. In this park there is a statue that is purposely built to commemorate the heroism Mrs.Dewi Sartika. There is also a statue of the Rhinos which, according to legend in Bandung found many animals typical of the white rhinoceros. Park is located on Jl. Ganesha next to Salman Mosque of ITB, a tiny garden look beautiful and is often used by ITB students because it is located still within the ITB. The layout of the beautiful garden, equipped with a small pond in the middle of the park adds to the beauty of this park. 

Tegalega Park located in Jl. BKR, in front of Sribaduga Maharaja Museum . In this park there is a monument Bandung Lautan Api surrounded by a flower garden.

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