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Braga Street – Travel Destinations. first the road Braga is dry and dusty roads, muddy during the rains come, because it only passed by a cart who carries the coffee beans to the coffee house named Kofifie Pakhuis. Hence also the Braga called karrenweg or pedatiweg. Who would have thought that development occurs can deliver braga to a beautiful and elegant street. Braga is taken from the Sundanese language meaning ngabaraga style or hanging out. Name Braga began to be used in 1810 but popularized by Tonil Braga in 1887 when it was known. not only in Indonesia but also outside Indonesia as the only place to show the lifestyle so that came the term “Paris Van Java”. Road running from north to south in the center of this city can be compared with the relics of his life museum building with a stunning ancient architectural style like Classic Romantic, Artdeco, Indo Europeanen, Neo Classical, mixed style to the style of modern architecture can be encountered along the way Braga. undergoing modernization, building along the road in Oud Holland Braga-style architecture with its characteristic buildings which have a main building with a shed or pavilion that lies parallel to his. Now the Braga already have a lot of renovation, but there are some buildings that still retain the authenticity of the building such as building and store greenhouse, gases, Kasoem Store. also been started in the wake of an apartment location that is expected to re-turn Braga street atmosphere as before. There’s a lot of cafe and Art’s gallery ( you can find most anything here/painting,sculpture etc )

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