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Cihampelas Mall 1 for Traveler

 Bandung is worth its referred to as a shopping paradise. This further reinforced by the presence in the crowded street Cihampelas the largest shopping centers in Bandung. What is interesting and makes shops along the way this Cihampelas has its distinctive style is a statue of a statue located in each store. In every store there is a statue of comic and cartoon statue of the store. the existence of the getting on Enliven Cihampelas with its built new Cihampelas Walk Mall, or often called Ciwalk. Ciwalk existence, as a representative shopping center courtyard in the Middle of Cihampelas, perceived to give the feel of a more catchy on Cihampelas. Ciwalk built on an area of ​​3.5 acres, one third to two thirds of the building and its designation as a car park. Concept Mall is on offer is different from most Mall in Bandung. If the Mall is generally more extensive shopping centers, Ciwalk with Open Air concept provides more freedom for visitors to walk up the street from one store to another. Ciwalk area consists of a main building (Mall) three-storey building surrounded by his other called Street Outlet. Mall connected with an open pedestrian area with garden cool to walk. Building block that contains 150 Outlet Mall of diverse businesses. There’s Fashion, Cafe, Food Courts and so on.

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