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Cihideng Flower’s Garden – Travel Destinations.

Taman Bunga Cihideng

Coolness Bandung lot to create the thick foliage and flowers are beautiful to the eye. If you travel to the north towards Lembang Bandung, after the terminal Ledeng Toward the left.

You can stop by the Village Cihideung region which hosts the cultivation of ornamental plants and flowers that are traded. 

Along the Way Sersan Bajuri which is the main road towards the village area filled with dozens Cihideng Kiosk which offers a wide variety of flowers that you are ready to take home. In addition to flowers, you can also get a variety of fruit tree crops, while eating and drinking at the cafe’s dishes are lined up in the region, such as beverages and Bandrek Bajigur Typical Sundanese. flower plantation in Bandung is also decorated by Complex Elite Villa Istana Bunga (now the Kampung Gajah) neatly listed with an abundance of its own beauty. 

Once down this area you can enjoy the beauty of vegetable plants and a variety of fruit plantations.

Waterfall Cimahi (Curug Cimahi) accompaniment of splashing waterfalls in an area of ​​2 hectares is able to provide a quiet atmosphere for anyone who visits. Waterfall which is located in the north of Bandung, precisely Cimahi you can find through the Sersan Bajuri To the Adventist University of Indonesia to the terminal to Parongpong. Arriving in front of the waterfall Cimahi Tourism Forum for the board, by paying Rp. 2.500, per person
(about $ 0.50) you can down the road to decline, surrounded by trees and the occasional monkey will be surprised by the leap that will enliven your trip.

And for tourists from out of town do not worry, because this waterfall is opened every day from 08.00 s / d 18.00.

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