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Dago Area – Traveler

Dago street located in the northern part of Bandung is a connecting road between the residential area of ​​North Bandung to the center of trade, public services and education, so that the movement that occurs on the road is quite high.

Dago area that the first planning using the concept of “Garden City” as in cities in Europe, it is currently undergoing a change, but along the way it still offers a distinctive coolness and beauty of the Bandung city. 

Dago area is known by the family shopping and tourist area where very young children hang up, complete with various facilities such as Dago Plaza, Park Cafe, Bookstore Elvira and pond life, super indo, aquarius, Edward Forrer, Blossom, House Of Donatelo, Park culture Dago Tea House as well as in the complete of hotels like Holiday Inn, Jayakarta, Sheraton, Geulis, Royal Dago, Hill Tourism Juanda and many more. Dago scenery which features an abundance of charm wild mountains are arranged beautifully. beauty make Bandung own citizens even come to enjoy it. Enjoy the beauty of Dago is an option many tourists who want to cool off. region also encountered many Dutch buildings designed in accordance with the tropical climate of the high ceilings, wide openings, giving Hangroof to avoid the entry of direct sunlight and a roof with a slope steep enough to anticipate rain. If you browse this region still arranged along the large trees which serve as shade for pedestrians facilities with the hope of pedestrians can be around this area with a cozy atmosphere and a shade from the heat of the scorching sun.

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