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Dago Tea House – Travel Destinations.

Dago Tea House – Travel Destinations.
Hall of asset management Cultural Park has a means of supporting the implementation of the program activities. 
form of building land area of ​​402.25 m2, natural land area of ​​659.50 m2, underground parking and a land area of ​​2576 m2 garden / lawn / garden area of ​​12208.25 m2.
Building supporting performances and other cultural arts activities consist of various types of facilities are quite adequate.

The theater which has a building area of ​​1491.25 m2, consists of several facilities, among others, the stage is equipped with an electric screen in the form of a yellow screen I pcs, 1pcs red screen that can be enjoyed from all points of view of the audience.

OUTDOOR THEATRE BUILDING: that are planted in the former restaurant Dago Tea House with an area of ​​1500 m2 can contain more than 1200 spectators. The concept of the show opens (open air) with a panoramic backdrop of Bandung.

If there are no evening performances, visitors can still enjoy the panoramic view of Bandung and its surroundings, complete with dishes available, there are facilities around the Open Air Theatre, which opened to the public library in which there are collections of art and culture. While the other rooms used for office activities for Musical Arts Indonesia (MSI) and Cultural Appreciation Forum (Link Art), both managed by cultural artisans in West Java.


Cafeteria “Boga Kuring” is built on land formerly used first Tempo Restaurant House is equipped with Saung Lesehan (eat sitting on the floor) Sunda around the open-air theater. Cafeteria is in addition to providing food and drink typical Parahyangan as the main menu, the menu also serves European orders, Chinese Food, etc. 

Cafeteria serving a visit every day starting at 10.00-22.oo pm.


Land located on the front page gallery Polyclinics Cultural Park can be an alternative choice in the capacity of the grain shows a relatively small audience, thus providing a more relaxed atmosphere of spectacle without compromising the feel of the show. 


The gallery is located at the Open Air Theatre complex consists of two showrooms are temporary exhibition space, and a permanent exhibition space. The exhibition room is also used for the needs of the exhibition. Sometimes in use for a discussion or race in a time of relatively limited scale deployment. 
The building is intended as a treatment / training arts (especially dance). Facility is equipped with a large wall mirror by 4 units.

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