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Destination Bandung 1, West Java Indonesia – Travel Destinations first Bandung found in order to find the source of raw materials and land for coffee plantations by Abraham Van Riebeek in 1712, but the rapid development of new will occur when the capital was moved from Krapyak Bandung Regency (now Dayeuh Kolot) to Bandung city center now. 

Bandung is the capital of emigration occurred in 1810 after the completion of the construction the road connecting Batavia to Bandung via Bogor and Cianjur. This displacement is a milestone development significantly Bandung, he built various facilities that can support life and progress of Bandung, such, Gedung Sate , the Museum of Biology (inaugurated on 16 May 1929), Museum Pos Indonesia (inaugurated in 1931), etc.. Bandung has developed into a beautiful city with a cool air and into a shopping paradise, a heaven for food and Drink and a heaven for migrants who want to spend time enjoying the beautiful sunset blush.

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