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Foodie for travelers 1 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia – Travel & Leisure.

For foodie travelers, life is not complete without a visit to Bandung. Various types of authentic foods, ranging from traditional to modern cuisines, are available in the city for visitors to enjoy.
There are numerous restaurants and cafes in Bandung offering an array of mouthwatering menu selection, including European dishes.
One of the restaurants which are well known for its European menu is Porto Restaurant, located on Setiabudhi Street No. 53. The restaurant is unique due to the fact it periodically changes its menu to attract customers.
Porto is a fine dining restaurant with a capacity of 150 people. The main menu changes every three months based on the theme decided by the restaurant’ s chef.“to describe Porto Restaurant like a ship that is traveling across Europe. The main menu served in the restaurant periodically changes depending on which the country the ship is visiting For instance, for the current three-month period, main menu is Swiss menu. In the previous three-month period, served Italian foods as the main menu. Before, the main menu was Spanish foods.”

One of the main features of the Swiss menu now being offered at the restaurant is Beef Fondue. The main item on this menu is the famous Wagyu beef, which is finely sliced, sauteed with olive oil to cook it to the medium done and flavored with salt and peppers. 

The dish is served with Mass Potatoes and Wedge Potatoes. 
Four types of sauces are also provided to make the dish more tasteful, namely barbeque sauce, black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce and a special sauce produced by the restaurant,called “A la Porto Sauce”.

Another Swiss menu highlight for the current three-month period lasting through August is Smoke Wrasse Fish. 
The main item on this menu is Parrot fish, which is smoked using jackfruit tree and flavored with several spices. The dish is served with Mass Potatoes and Butter Sauce. chicken meat lovers, the restaurant has a special menu to offer: Rosemary Roast Chicken.

The chicken meat is grilled for 45 minutes, marinated and flavored with Thyme leaf, garlic, salt and pepper. It is served together with Mass Potatoes, black pepper sauce, pineapple, tomato, spinach and carrot. 
Thanks to all these, the dish looks attractively colorful and, the black pepper, in particular, creates warmness in the stomach of everyone who eats the dish. 

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