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From Jakarta to Bandung

Enjoy the trip from Jakarta to Bandung or vice versa never boring, plus natural charm Parahyangan land increasingly add to the attraction for the tourists make the journey more beautiful and enjoyable.

Currently there are several alternative journey from Jakarta to Bandung where you can choose according to your wishes. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of travel use business trains or executive class that is ready to serve you every hour. Pass can also be selected when you take your own vehicle while stopping in tourist spots along the road between Bandung and Jakarta. if you rushed for time or want to quickly get to Bandung now has increased one more toll roads, namely Cipularang (CikampekPurwakarta- Padalarang), using this pathway Jakarta Bandung trip only takes 2 hours. Once in Bandung, you can enjoy the view of Bandung from the top of the overpass (Pasupati flyover) which completed construction in mid-2005.

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