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Kawah Putih Of South Bandung 1 – Travel Destinations.

Kawah Putih Of South Bandung 1 – Travel Destinations.
West Java is one of the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia including for its ecotourism as the environment in some parts of the province are still quite natural with a few of them in pristine condition. 
One of the areas in West Java popular for its ecotourism is South Bandung, which posseses beautiful moutains, well preserved exotic forest, and volcanic craters. 
The Kawah Putih volcanic crater, one of the craters which form the Mount Patuha, is often considered as a heaven among ecotourism enthusiasts for its beautiful crater take and forested surrounding. 

The lake, which is about 2,194 meters above sea level, is quite unique as the water changes in color from greenish to blueish or brownish to white depending on exposure to sunlight and sulfur concentration.
Most of the time, the lake is whitish thus the name Kawah Putih (white crater). The sand and rocks surrounding the lake have also been leached into white color. 

The local climate is quite chilly with temperature ranging from 8-2 2 degrees Celcius, a contrast from the hot climate in most cities of Java, coupled with a less pungent smell of sulfur in the surrounding Managed by state-owned forestry company Perhutani III, the Kawah Putih site is located in the Ciwidey District of South Bandung, about 35 kilometers from the center of the city of Bandung the provincial capital of West Java, or about 2.5-hour drive.

Kawah Putih covers a total area of 400 hectares, but only about 4 hectares have so far been opened to public.  not only offering the beauties of nature, but also provide education programs about the environment. 

One example is the Oxygen Ambassador program which promotes for tree planting around the crater site. 

Visitors entering the Kawah Putih site will be charged with a fee of IDR. 28,000 per person, which comprises an entrance fee of IDR 15,000 and shuttle transportation fee of IDR. 13,000 to take you up to the crater. 

Motorcycles are not allowed to go up to the crater site, while for visitors wishing to use their cars to go up will have pay a fee of IDR. 150,000. 

visitors are advised to park their cars down, and take the available shuttle bus instead to go up to avoid accident on the 5.6 kilometers uphill road. 
The Kawah Putih site, which opens from seven in the morning till five in the afternoon, is the most favorite tourist spot in the Ciwidey area. 
According to data from Perhutani III, the number of visitors last year 2014 reached 259,178, up from 206,733. “The number of visitors increases every year.

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