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Maribaya Hot Spring & Water Fall – Travel Destinations.

 Maribaya Hot Spring  & Water Fall

Maribaya, waterfalls are often used as a resting place, chatting with family and enjoying the natural beauty. Only a few eastern Lembang and can be reached by car or if you like to be within walking distance. on Sunday the place would be crowded Because hot springs piped into a small pond to the public and to various private bathroom. For those of you who like horse riding or want to learn to drive this beast,there is a lot riding horses for rent at a cost of Approximately 
$ 3 / hour.
The routes that you can travel to Maribaya are as follows:
– L e m b a n g, Can use a private vehicle or public transportation, if on foot, takes 20 minutes.
– Tangkuban Perahu, Can be reached by a 40 minute walk.
– Ciumbuleuit, Can only be reached by foot or motorcycle (Motorcycle rental transportation) for 25 minutes travel time. 

– Dago, taken within 45 minutes travel time by foot.

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