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Museum Sribaduga for Traveler

Sribaduga Museum which is located on Jl. BKR No. 185 is storing objects of nature (natural materials) which until 2005 has gathered a collection of some 893 pieces of 10 types of classification

In this museum there are three floors that help you navigate the history and culture of West Java. Displayed on the floor of the natural resources, including Plora and fauna, various types of rocks and minerals, Pleistocene map that reveals the history of Indonesian plains, fossils, models in the form of geological events also illustrated the formation of lake Bandung around 6000 years ago due to his clogged Citarum river used for eruption of Mount Tangkuban Perahu
Also arranged various outcomes of human culture from prehistoric and so on, in the form of statues and inscriptions
The second floor displays tradisoanal community profile Sunda and culture results, such as the settlement of Sunda, Sundanese architecture, Ceremony (religious), household equipment, knowledge and language, people’s struggle against colonialism in West Java was also visualized through photographs and historical paintings

The third floor, in the atmosphere of the room show the arrangement commonly found in a house (living room, bedroom, dining and kitchen). It also displayed various types of art equipment such as the flute, harp, gamelan, the art of puppet (wayang beber, puppet and skin). Traditional tools of technology also complements the arrangement with carpentry workshop diaroma gold, bronze, pottery.

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