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Pakuan Building for Traveler

Pakuan currently the official residence used as the official residence of the Governor of West Java Province. This building is located at Jl. Otto Iskandar Dinata No. 1, Bandung.
In the Dutch colonial era, this house is the official residence of the Resident Priangan.
Pakuan established in connection with the Governor General CH.F.Pahud orders of removal Capital residency Priangan from Cianjur to Bandung. but the transfer of the new Capital kresidenan can be implemented by Raden van der Moore in 1864, after the eruption of Mount Gede and destroy Cianjur. built in 1864 to be completed in 1867. During construction Pakuan (1864-1867), has deployed a number of members of the Dutch Militair Genie, who is assisted by RA Wiranatakusumah known as Dalem Bintang.
RA Wiranatakusumah is the 8th generation Bandung Regent who ruled between the years 1846-1874. He mobilized residents from Babakan Bogor (now Kebun Kawung) and Balubur Hilir which is now located in front of the official residence Siliwangi military commander in Bandung. the services, the people involved in the construction are exempt from paying taxes.
Pakuan have Indische Empire Stijl architectural style, graceful monumental and highly favored by the General Herman Willem Daendels. The building was designed by the engineer Repaid from the Department Openbare Werken van Burgerlijke (BOW) or DPU now, which is the staff of the Resident Van der Moore, the engineer which is also designed the

other buildings “Sakola Raja is currently as a Polwiltabes Office (Police Station) established in 1866.

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