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White Crater Lake Patenggang, Bandung, Indonesia – Travel Destinations.

White Crater Lake Patenggang
In South Bandung, there are some pretty interesting tourist attraction to be visited.

Among them is the Kawah Putih and Situ Patengan (people often call Situ). Because the distance is quite far from the city of Bandung, about 2.5 hours, it is advisable if you want to visit this place in South Bandung, was better to multiple places at once, so that your trip more efficient.

This place is in Ciwidey. The scenery is quite beautiful, the air cold. On the mountain, there is a stretch of white sand, and in the middle there is a green lake, a view that is quite a contrast. White Crater was reportedly discovered by a Dutchman named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuh. He did not believe the stories of residents who said the area around the mountain is haunted Patuha, shelter genie and spirits. So there is no passing animal even birds flying across the course could die. It found the existence of a lake, in which there is a blast of sulfur, which causes the animals do not like the smell (so not haunted). Kawah Putih, we can continue our journey towards Lake Patenggang. This park is more crowded than the White crater, probably due to the existing facilities more a lot. The area of ​​this park of 17 acres, while the area of ​​the lake is 48 acres. In the middle of the lake there is a small island called the Island of Love (Asmara), Because the heart-shaped.

Lake Patengan, derived from the Sundanese language, Pateanganteangan” which means looking each other. It is said there used to be lovers, and the goddess Ki Santang and Rengganis who love each other. They split up so long, and each search. Eventually they meet in the place called Stone Love. Goddess Rengganis also asked for a lake and a boat to sail together. The boat is that until now transformed into a heart-shaped island (island Asmara / Island Sasaka).

Asmara Island legend says, for couples that surround the island of Asmara and stop to the stone love will get eternal love as the couple. Without a wasted opportunity, we also rent a boat and around the island and stop at the the stone of Love. On the way, the boatman tells also that the island haunted, and may only be visited by the visitor if it gets permission and accompanied by the caretaker.

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