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Cihampelas Jean’s Street Changing Look – Travel Destinations

During the colonial area, Cihampelas was known as a prime residential area for Dutch people.
It was known in the past as Indonesians center of jeans thanks to the presence of numerous jeans shops/kiosks along the street. The street has changed a lot. It has turned into a street where you can find a lot of clothing outlets, hotels, malls, restaurants and others.

The Bandung mayoralty administration is now planning to turn the street into the prime trade center of the city, a promising area for business. 

http://www.aseppetir1.comJust take a look at the area. Cihampelas Street is always congested, particularly during weekends and holidays. 

You can see many busses come to the area to drop tourists for shopping.

Despite the fact Cihampelas has changed a lot, it remains a favorite destination for tourists looking for denim clothes. Besides, the street is now known as the center of tourist gifts.

http://www.aseppetir1.comWhen you enter Cihampelas, you will be impressed by numerous large-scale fiberglass statues that adorn the front of the shops there. You would come across the huge statues of movie and comic superhero characters such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Rambo, Aladin and others. The statues lend uniqueness to the street and many shops there are adorned with such kind of statue.

The presence of the statues is one of the reasons many tourists come to visit Cihampelas. 
“The statues of super heroes that adorn the front of the shops on Cihampelas Street become a magnet for both local and foreign tourists.
A side from Shopping, many tourists love taking the pictures of themselves in front of the shops which feature the statues of their respective favorite movie and comic characters. 
The Image of Cihampelas as “Jeans Street” thus gradually declined as new shop came to the area to sell other types of clothes aside from jeans.
Old shops followed suit. All the shops there now sell alt types of export-quality apparel products at affordable prices.
Aside from export quality apparel outlets, known by the locals as “Factory Outlet” , Cihampelas is also home to numerous restaurants, either sidewalk restaurants or exclusive restaurants inside buildings.
There are a lot of choices for food lovers to eatIf you are interested in West Java traditional cuisines, you may go  to Sapu Lidi Cihampelas Cafe & Restaurant, which also serves the traditional foods of other regions of Indonesia. 
On the street, there is also an exotic restaurant called Warung Laos, which has been operating since April 7, 1999. The restaurant serves Indonesian and European dishes. The restaurant is famous for its Stove Pizza, which is cooked using traditional stoves.
Aside from buying fashion clothing products and enjoying various types of food, tourists can also buy snacks from Cihampelas as gifts for their friends or relatives back in their home countries.
There are numerous shops along the street which sett Bandung unique snacks such as sale pisang (smoked or dried banana fritters), oncom goreng (fried oncom,) tempe goreng (fried tempe,) dodol, tape (fermented cassava), also called peuyeum by locals.
You’ll never get bored traveling down Cihampelas either on foot or by car.
it wil be an unforgettable experience.

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