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Destination Bandung 4, West Java Indonesia.

Bandung City of Tourism
Paris van Java Bandung is a term for which is described as Paris of Indonesia. No exaggeration if Bandung bear this title. Various beauty offered to the visitors Bandung. 

Starting from the natural attractions, tourist artificial, shopping, even becoming known wisata Da’arut Tauhiid the spiritual, the natural attractions you can enjoy a variety of natural hospitality that was introduced and intended for you. For example Hutan Raya Juanda Park, Dago waterfall, waterfall Cimahi and others. When shopping becomes your choice, stop into Factory Outlet which has flourished and been in almost every corner of Bandung’s Factory Outlet has now even started to develop into a much more center on certain types of goods. residents endowed by beautiful natural environment, with a variety of creative diversity of the community, City of Bandung is like it was towing an environment surrounded by mountain ranges with the number of rural solid very much, this is also an excess Bandung. Cultural richness of the various village. Two of them is Dago (which has now become a melting with Bandung) and Lembang (a small village located in the middle) Tangkuban Perahu mountain . Lembang is famous with its air coolness and quality of his crops. While dago, are now beginning to bloom with its many Factory Outlet and shopping centers. The place to see art’s performances available. You can enjoy the beauty Bandung arts and culture in DagoTea House. If you want the feel of different tours, the choice may fall on spiritual tourism and Books. Spiritual Tourism can you get in Da’arut Tauhiid, Gegerkalong which provide spiritual nourishment for those of you who are looking for the meaning of life. Lined-shop book store can be a unique tourist spot. In addition to its sizable price cuts, the feel of a warm, personal, offered by independent bookstores began to bloom standing in Bandung. For example: Ultimus in jl.Lengkong (front campus Unpas), QB in jl.Setiabudhi, Mutterland in jl.Cihampelas (Keng kelom Geulis), a small bookstore in the jl.Kyai, -lapak shanties along jl.ganesha, etc.. 

Well not a few options on offer Bandung tour now the choice is in your hands.

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