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Dapur Iga Ribs
Indonesia is known for the variety of its food recipes, many of which are quite tasty tempting your appetite to taste them one by one.  

Amid the growing culinary tourism in Bandung, there is one restaurant which serves beef ribs processed with unique spices from different parts of the archipelago. It is called Dapur Iga (English: Rib Kitchen).
The beef ribs at this restaurant, which is located on Burangrang Street No 24, are carefully selected, processed with various spices and herbs, and kept overnight before being cooked for the customers.

Set up in 2009, the restaurant serves different rib dishes based on the spice and herbs used.
For example, the Tuturaga sauce beef rib, which uses the unique spices from Sulawesi, which are basically a combination of turmeric, ginger and other herbs.  
Another favorite dish is the Woku Rib, which uses super hot spices from Manado, in North Sulawesi.  
There are 10 other different ribs on the menu list, each processed with the unique spices from different parts of the archipelago including Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Java.

Couple year ago  Dapur Iga opened its first branch in Palembang South Sumatra, under a franchise system.  
http://www.aseppetir1.comThe restaurant encourages other potential partners to join the franchise.
To enjoy the meats at Dapur Iga, you don’t have to spend so much as the prices are quite affordable ranging from IDR 7,000 to  IDR 34,000.  
With just a few dollars you can already taste the sensation of the various unique spices from around the archipelago.  
Enjoy your culinary tour. 

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