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Punclut Area, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia – Travel & Leisure.

Enjoying a meals with the sensation of scattering city nights is not only found in luxurious restaurants with its fine dining concept. Sparkling city nights blanketed with cool temperature of highlands will make your evening more complete. 
Punclut, a culinary spot not far from the heart of Bandung which has grown since the late 1980s and has now started to become a favorite spot for local residence and visitors.
The Punclut area initially was an ordinary mountainous area, filled only by one or two eating huts. 

The Punclut name was taken from the Bahasa words puncak Ciumbuleuit Utara(or translated as the peak of North Ciumbuleuit). 
The spot is located in the Ciumbuleuit area of North Bandung Today, there are dozens of eating huts linning up the hilly area of Ciumbuleuit. Punclut is located on highland not far from the city centre of Bandung.
It has become a favorite destination among the city residents to relax with family members particularly during the weekends.
Foreign visitors are also quite attracted to enjoy the sensation of eating in the area with temperature reaching nine degrees Celsius in the evening.

In terms of the menu, it is dominated by the Sundanese cuisine of the West Java people such as grilled fish and chicken, and salad. price is quite cheap, starting from Rp 15,000 to Rp 35,000 perpackage. For beverages, there are a variety of local hot drinks such as bandrek, sari jane and milk, and cold drinks such as coconut milk with ice.
Diah, an owner of one of the huts in Punclut, said that her eating place, set up in 1989, in the past only opened from six in the morning till twelve noon as not many people came to the area due to the lack of awareness of the place and the poor road condition at the time.
When the asphalt roads were built in 2006, rising number of people started to come to Punclut.  With the explosion in the number of visitors and started opening for 24 hours.
The Punclut area can be reached in about 30 minutes from the heart of the city of Bandung either by car or motorcycle.  
There is no public transportation yet going to the place.  But if you want to take public transportation, you can take the St-Hall-Ciumbuleuit angkot (small public transportation car) to reach the Dr. Salamun Hospital, and from there you can take a car taxi or motorcycle taxi for about Rp 15,000.
Enjoy meals with the fascinating view of the city lights at economical price.
Talking about Economical price,there is a well-equipped guest house (swimming pool, fitness room, spa, saunas etc.) clean and close to Punclut ( about 500 mtr).
Please click this link to see the place.
There are also street singers with their beautiful voices to add to your pleasure while enjoying the meals. 
Well, Perhaps you may try to visit Punclut during your stay in Bandung.

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