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The Food Stalls in Bandung Night Life – Travel & Leisure.

NASI KALONG ( Bat’s Rice Food )
Nasi Kalong means “rice for bats” . With that name,the owner might suggest the restaurant is only for people who,love nightlife.  

Located at the parking lot of the China Emporium FO apparel store on  RE. Martadinata Street (formerly known as Riau  Street), the streetside restaurant is open from 8 p.m.

The restaurant is always packed that many people have to queue to find seats. There isn’t any fixed closing time. Generally, it is open until over midnight.
The restaurant offers an array of local cuisines, such as udang kremes (shrimp cooked with kremes coconut), jambal roti (kind of salted fish), telor prudul (a kind ofscrambled egg), ayam bumbu madu (chicken meat cooked with

honey) and others. It has a unique menu item called nasi hitam (“black rice”). 

http://www.aseppetir1.comIt is rice cooked with a local spice called bumbu kluwak (also known as pucung) and daun salam (Indonesian bay leaf) which turns the color of the rice into black and adds a special taste to the rice. 

The owner of the restaurant claims nasi hitam is good for health, particularly thanks to the salem leaf which is reportedly rich with antioxidant elements.

Warung means “small shop”; perkedel is a potato croquette filled with beef meat, which is a popular side dish in Indonesia; and bondon is a Sundanese word for “night hooker” . 

The reason why the owner has chosen such a strange name remains unclear. In fact, the owner of the warung is a woman and it is only open from evening until late at night.

The warung has been operating since 1992 with

perkedel as the main menu.

http://www.aseppetir1.comThe recipe of the dish has been kept secret by the owner. The perkedel is famous for its good taste. It is cooked on a stove which uses charcoal as fuel. The cooking process lasts for four hours. Probably, the unusual cooking method is the reason why the perkedel tastes so good for many people. 

The perkedel is served fresh from the oven alongside sambal (chili sauce).

Aside from perkedel, the warung, which is located on Kebon Jati Street at Stasion Hall, also offers nasi campur (mixed rice)menu. 
The perkedel is worth IDR 1,000 a piece, while the price of nasi campur depends on the type of additional foods selected for the menu. 
http://www.aseppetir1.comThe warung, which is located on Bancey Street, has been well known among locals and visitors, particularly those who love the nightlife of Bandung.
It isn’t an exclusive restaurant like those in hotels, but it is a good alternative for people who love to search for latenight foods in the city. 
The warung opens from 9 p.m. through 3 a.m. Located close to Cikapundung
river, it is always packed with customers. 
The owner always greets guests in Sundanese: “Mangga kasep, geulis..”, which means “Please Mr. Handsome and Ms. Pretty.”
The Warung Nasi Ceu Mar offers a rich selection of Indonesian traditional foods, such as babat goreng (fried tripe), semur jengkol (stewed dogfruit,) sambal goreng kentang (fried chili sauce mixed with potato) and various types of vegetables. 
The most popular menu items are gulai daging lemak which is served with sambal uniquely produced by Warung Nasi Ceu Mar. 
The prices of dishes served at the warung are affordable.

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