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Anthropology Fashion Outlet For Travel Destinations

This is another fashion store owned Anthropology Fashion Outlet located on Ir.H. Djuanda Street (formerly Dago Street) No. 15 2 . The outlet is ready to satisfy the shopping needs of anyone visiting the area.
The building looks elegant. You don’t see extravagant decorations on the interior of the two-floor store. Instead, the walls are painted with soft colors and feature floral decorations. 
Visitors will surely feel comfortable staying inside. Anthropology Fashion Outlet has been operating since July 7, 2 012, offering a rich selection of fashion apparels for boys and men, girls and women and for kids with aged between 1 and years old. Various types of accessories, such as necklace, bracelet, shoes and bags are also available. The prices of the items range
between IDR 80,000 and IDR 500,000 a piece.

http://www.aseppetir1.comVarious famous brands such as Hugo Boss, Levi’ s, Zara, Furla, L154, Hermes and others are available there and become favorite items for fashion lovers. 
You can find all the fashion apparels and accessories on both fist and second floor.
Anthropology Fashion Outlet is run with the concept fashion house in which its always offer quality service aims to satisfy customers. its also provide high quality clothes at affordable prices for either local or foreign visitors, target market are those among the youths and adults.

Customers are mostly loyal repeat customers as well tourists from Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. With regards clothes that they sell here, some of them are imported, but  also local products with import quality,
Anthropology is inspired by the needs of consumers who are thirsty of latest and most up to date fashion products from time to time. Anthropology is also inspired by the word “Antrophology” which is a discipline which studies human beings , including their culture and clothing style.
The fashion outlet does not only offer latest fashion products but also comforts thanks to its spaciousness. 
Visitors who get tired after selecting various terms may take a rest on the 
comfortable sofas located in the center of the store. 

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