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Bumbu Desa Restaurant For Travel & Leisure

Bumbu Desa
If you wish to enjoy authentic Sundanese cuisine during your stay in Bandung Bumbu Desa may be a good choice.

First set up in Bandung in 2004, Bumbu Desa, which specifically serves the cuisine of the Sundanese people of West Java Province, has expanded to 47 branches scattered in 20 cities across the country, plus four branches in Malaysia Next year, it plans to open up three new overseas branches including in Singapore, Qatar, and the US.
One of its popular dishes is called Ayam Bakakak Ngakak. Ayam Bakakak is a Sundanese style grilled chicken, while the word Ngakak means guffawing So, together, if translated into English doesn’t really have a logical meaning.
Nevertheless, this special dish will certainly spice up your culinary experience in Bandung as suggested by Bumbu Desa. Desa’s Ayam Bakakak Ngakak dish is made up of one whole chicken {specifically male ayam kampung or back-yard chicken) weighing about 6 ounces, which is sliced into several parts, usually grilled, but can also be fried depending on demand.
In addition to garlic, onions, cinnamon, and chili, several Indonesian traditional herbs such as kemiri, ketumbar, and Jinten hitam are used as the basic ingredients and spices in the particular dish.
Before mixing it with the chicken, the ingredients are grinded to make them smooth.

Bumbu Desa Chef said that the grinding process at the restaurant uses the traditional method and tool such as lumping and alu, which are made of stone, to help maintain authentic texture and taste.
The Ayam Bakakak Ngakak dish is served with three types of condiments including sambal goreng {fried chili cause,) sambal terasi {chili sauce with shrimp paste), and sambal hejo {green chili), with varying levels of pungency.
One serving of this dish is suitable for 4-6 people.

Other favorite dishes In addition to its unique Ayam Bakakak Ngakak dish, Bumbu Desa serves other dishes such as its popular Sambal Ayam Atah {half-cooked chili sauce), which comprises of sliced chicken mixed with basic ingredients such as garlic, onions, chili, and orange leaves, flushed with hot cooking oil, producing spicy chicken.
Bumbu Desa’s new dish is called Ikan Gurame Indramayu {marinated carp fish).
The serving of this particular dish is quite unique as it’s made in such a way that the fish looks like flying surrounded by sambal {chili sauce) and other condiments.
A specific chili sauce called Sambal Mangga {made up of chili and fresh mangoes unique to Indramayu, a regency in West Java) is used as condiment for this particular dish.
Enjoying the aforementioned dishes will seem to be incomplete without having Es Campur Hang padang as desert, an ice drink heavy with coconut milk mixed slices of various fruits and jelly. Various other Sundanese drinks and snacks are also available for desert.
Known for its variety of sambal, Bumbu Desa is also considered as a pioneer in serving Sundanese cuisine professionally. Among of its concept is using only good quality, locally produced materials for its dishes.
And despite its status as a traditional oriented restaurant, Bumbu Desa serves its customers in professional way in line with international standards.
Bumbu Desa will continue to make innovation particularly in the area of Sundanese cuisine to contribute to the development and promotion of the country’s culinary world.

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