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Wonderland Fun Park – Kampung Gajah – Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Kampung Gajah Wonderland Fun Park
Bandung – has a lot of tourism places , can be explored in the northern part . In addition to offering natural beauty which is still beautiful, north Bandung area also has many tourist attractions. One of them is Kampung Gajah Park Wonderland. This tourist resort is located on Jl. Sersan Bajuri, built on an area of 60 acres is carrying the concept of one-stop recreation for children and adults.
Kampung Gajah Park (Elephants Village) Wonderland is a tourist attractions in Bandung , has been a favorite for families , whether they live in Bandung, outside the city or surrounding areas. Hearing the name of Kampung Gajah Park, maybe you would think that this place is full of smart Elephants protected areas which they can entertain visitors. If you think that then you are wrong.

Kampung Gajah sites Wonderland is an integrated tourism area , the theme of the Park “Travel, Shopping, and Culinary”. Kampung Gajah Park available various types of rides, fun game, some factory outlet shopping, up to 4 different types of restaurants which tempting of culinary lovers tourists. 
Back to the 2005’s, I still remember their plans to build the largest water boom across Asia on that spot, for some reason I not really understand, , I heard they are stuck by the permit process. finally Kampung Gajah Park was established on December 25th, 2010 instead.
Directions to Kampung Gajah Park

  • If you drive from the Jakarta, you can enter the highway towards to Bandung City , then exit at the Pasteur toll gate. After exiting through the Pasteur toll gate, you have to turn left to the direction of Lembang. You have to follow the path to find Ledeng Terminal on the right side of the road. In front of the terminal there is a path that leads to Sersan Bajuri Street, continue straight on this road. After driving around 3.5 Km you will begin to see the Elephants statues on the left, it means you are close to the gate of Kampung Gajah Park .
  • If you use public transport from the the city, you have several alternatives: Using public transportation from St.Hall (Bandung train station) towards to Lembang, get off at the Ledeng Terminal and then continue the trip using public transportation towards Parongpong.
  • Using public transportation from Husein Sastranegara Airport, take the public transportation route “Ciroyom to Lembang”, This will pass through the Ledeng terminal, you have to get off at the terminal and then continue the trip to use the public transportation towards Parongpong.
Rides in Kampung Gajah Park
Kampung Gajah sites has many of rides , suitable for children up to the elderly, there are:
1.   Bumper boat 
2.   ATV (car game for all types of terrain)
3.   Playground for children (swing, slide, etc.).
4.   Buggy (buggy car games of various kinds around the track)
5.   Side car
6.   Delman (horse carriage)
7.   Horse back riding (around the area on horseback)
8.   Tubby
9.   Mini Train (around the area with the train on the tracks)
10. Sky rider (glide in the air by a rope like flying fox)
11. Formula Kart
12. Body cycle
13. 4D rider
14. Segway
15. Water boom
16. Trampoline
17. The sidecar (motorbike game with a tub in the passenger side)
18. Sky view (rides to see the whole area of Kampung Gajah sites)
19. Pick strawberry (picking yourself strawberries, while learning to love nature)
20. Face painting
Waterboom in Kampung Gajah Park has the following facilities:
1. Kiddy pool
2. Wave pool
3. Bicycle water
4. Octopus Racer
5. Big tornado
6. Motogolf
7. Grass skating
8. Aqua boat (swan-shaped water bicycles)
The game rides each having different ticket prices range from 15,000 IDR to 80,000 IDR.  For waterboom, entry ticket price is 75,000 IDR for a regular day, and 100,000 IDR for the weekend and holidays. You also have the option to purchase season tickets, with this ticket you can enter all the of rides there. This season ticket price is 200,000 IDR for a regular day, and 250,000 IDR for weekends and holidays.
Restaurant in Kampung Gajah Park
In addition to booths selling snacks, there are also four types of restaurants with different themes in this tourist area, namely:
1. Sundanese Restaurant 
2. Western Restaurant
3. Japanese Restaurant
4. Oriental restaurant
Opening hours of Kampung Gajah Park
Monday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
Weekends and holidays: 8 am – 6 pm
Monday – Friday: 10 am – 8 pm
Weekends and holidays: 9 am – 8 pm
The price of admission Kampung Gajah Park : 
Monday – Friday: 10,000 IDR
Weekends and holidays: 20,000 IDR
Car: 10,000 IDR
The view from the Western Cafe in the front area of Kampung Gajah Park, scenery really captivate. when the bright morning we could see clearly the mountains surrounding the City of Bandung. .
The beauty of the scenery can also be enjoyed in almost every rides. Like when you rides Sky View, offers a look at the scenery from the a height of 25 meters by using air balloons is the only one in Indonesia. Eye panoramic views of the mountains and expanse from the the sky and feel the cool wind of Lembang.
It’s exciting adventure in this place.
Happy Holidays All …..

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