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Cikole Resort

Rides – At Cikole Resort And Camping Ground

Rides – At Cikole Resort And Camping Ground

Many options tourist attractions that you can make your travel destination in Bandung, varied and according to your interests. Bandung increasingly being developed in the field of his tour in order to meet the needs and expectations of visitors. One of them Campgrounds – Cikole which has beautiful scenery, cold air and arranged neatly is the perfect place for you who love the nature and Outbound together with family, relatives or co-workers.
Cikole Resort and Adventure Park, Better known by the name Campgrounds Cikole Bumi Perkemahan Cikole), This tourist sites has been around since 2010 which is managed by a public company called Perhutani and now has become a resort, namely the integrated nature to have a wide range of support facilities adequate.
Located not far from Mount Tangkuban Perahu, there are at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, about 28 miles north of downtown Bandung, right in the tourist shaft Lembang, Tangkuban Perahu.
Cikole Jayagiri Resort located at Jl. Raya Tangkuban Perahu, as a benchmark, from Lembang, follows the road to Tangkuban Parahu Mount, located on the right side of the road. If you want to use public transport, you can use public transport from Lembang via Cikole.
This resort offers a variety of facilities along with a very comfortable accommodation in the form of the cottage located amidst lush pine forests. There is also camping ground which can accommodate 1500 participants, equipped with a function room of 200 sqm meters which can be used for meetings, seminars or for a party.
As an integrated tourism area, Cikole resort also offers a whole range of outdoor activities such as outbound training, treetop adventure, paintball, ATV Ride, riding arena and there is also a mountain bike specific to Down Hill.
Everything is integrated into one location area of 20 ha.

Sample package in Cikole Resort:

1. Meeting
Facilities: Room, Food 3x, 2x Coffee break, Meeting Support
Birthday: Meeting Room, Entertainment, Dining style bazaar, tart birthday, MC.
Reunion: Meeting Room / outdoor, entertainment, meals, snacks, host of the show
2. Company Outing
Facilities: Cottage / Tents, Foods 3x, 2x Coffee break, programs, documentation, entertainment
Family Gathering
Facilities: Cottage / Tents, Foods 3x, 2x Coffee break, programs. Adventure programs
> Waterfall trekking adventure
> Geyser Trekking adventure
> Offroad adventure
> ATV challenge
> Paintball/war games
> Sky rope adventure
4. Student Programs
Farmers day
Activity: vegetable crops, dairy cattle, fishing.
Jungle Kids
Activity: forest interpretation, learning tapping sap, tree planting
Happy kids
Activity: Catch fish, kids games village, fun games.

Inn/Cottage Rate:

Cottage Kakia and Hibiscus macrophyllous – IDR. 750.000/unit
Cottage Jengjen –  IDR. 2.200.000/unit
Cottage Wooden House – IDR. 800.000/ unit
Single Room – IDR. 400.000/unit
Kaliandra – IDR. 400.000/unit
Lombok home – IDR. 550.000/unit
Java-Joglo house – IDR. 300.000/unit
Meeting Room – IDR. 2,500,000/unit

Admission :
Buper region :

IDR. 7.500 / person
Treetop region :
IDR. 10,000 / personRides rate :
ATV track 1km :

IDR. 50,000 / person
ATV track 6km :
IDR. 100,000 / person
Paint Ball :
IDR. 85,000 / person
Flying Fox :
IDR. 25,000 / person
Tour Children rate :
IDR. 75,000 / personPlease try to visit these attractions, Happy holidays All“.

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