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Curug Cinulang/Cinulang Waterfalls.

Cinulang-Waterfalls Located on the border between Bandung with the Garut Regency, precisely in Countryside of Sindulang, District Cimanggung, Sumedang Regency, West Java Province, about 38 km from the city of Bandung to the east.
In order to reach the location of this waterfall is relatively easy as it can through the highway Cipularang. After passing through the toll booth Cileunyi passed through the streets of Bandung-Garut. By the time until around kilometer 11, there are a board area Cicalengka directions to tourist sites Cinulang-Waterfalls (Curug Cinulang), precisely at the intersection of Village Cikopo. From the board’s instructions distance to be traveled is still about 3 kilometers to the east up to the gate of the tourist area. Extra vigilance is required to get to that location, because although the conditions of smooth asphalt, in some parts and derivatives, are steep slopes and winding.
For those who use public transportation Cinulang-Waterfalls can be reached from the Cicalengka Bus Terminal with the directions Cicalengka – Sindulang – Sindangwangi, Motorcycle taxi also available at the intersection of Cicalengka Bypass. the Cinulang-Waterfalls can also go through the path from Sumedang Regency that will connect to Parakanmuncang region. From there, can choose to return to Bandung via Rancaekek Highway or via Tanjungsari Highway.
Furthermore, from the parking lot forwarded by walking through the steps about 100 meters to finally get to the location of the waterfall.
Arriving at the site, visitors can see two waterfalls which height is almost the same. The first waterfall is a prime waterfall the heavy water flow. Meanwhile, another waterfall which is a fraction of the first waterfall, located about 30 meters to the west. Because of the swift water flowing in the second waterfall, rare visitors who dare to be nearby. Generally, they prefer to be at a distance of about 5 meters from an overflow of water or enjoyed from the bridge over the Citarik River (the flow of water under the waterfall Cinulang). As a note, in addition to a waterfall in the tourist area is also a Children’s Playground that is located on a hill across the Citarik River.
Besides enjoying the beautiful Waterfall, Tourists can also enjoy climbing the hill which lies opposite the river. Not only climbing the hill, at the top right beside the river which flows into the main waterfall there is a children’s playground.
Existing facilities at the site of the waterfall Cinulang include toilet and several stalls of food and beverage vendors as well as accessories for souvenirs.
many small stalls that provide a variety of dishes, stalls typical accessories for souvenirs. At a cost of Rp. 2,000 per person as admission and Rp. 5,000 per vehicle you can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall Cinulang attractions in Bandung regency, West Java, Indonesia.

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