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Talking about the city of Bandung it’s not complete if you have not talks about a variety of typical food of this flower city. right, in every corner of Bandung there are many decent food you should try.
Peuyeum Bandung or in Indonesian called the tape (casava) is one of the typical Sundanese food. Peuyeum based material is basically divided into two types. The first is made from cassava. This Peuyeum often found at the center of a food store. Then the second is peuyeum made from glutinous rice that has been fermented.
Peuyeum Bandung
Peuyeum (tape) normally sold by way of hang on the ceiling in a simple shop front on a side road. You can also find sellers peuyeum that walk’s around. But now the roving sellers peuyeum is rarely found.

Historically, the people of Bandung ancient utilize cassava plants that grow in the area of Bandung to be processed into peuyeum. They believe that peuyeum efficacious warm the body, because it feels almost like wine. warm taste and smell of wine peuyeum is obtained from the fermentation.
Tape Ketan

The word “peuyeum” comes from, the Sundanese language. They often call peuyeum as peuyeum sampeu or cassava peuyeum. Ways of making peuyeum also quite easy. Cassava that had been cleaned, steamed until cooked, when it is cool enough sprinkled with yeast and stored in closed containers. Fermentation time take about 2 to 3 days.

Peuyeum has always been identical with the city of Bandung. So do not be surprised if the tourists both from within and outside the country at a time when the holiday season they always buy typical snack Bandung as souvenirs
Not only tourists who love this peuyeum, the Bandung People’s itself makes peuyeum as snacks or other dessert like colenak (baked of peuyeum sprinkle with grated coconut and palm sugar syrup on top) or simply used as a souvenir while visiting relatives and friend’s outside the city of Bandung.
Peuyeum itself not only produced from the Bandung area only, in the surrounding areas of West Java, many are making and make peuyeum as their typical food. But, of course, a lot of people or tourists more familiar peuyeum as Peuyeum Bandung.
Well, if you are visiting Bandung do not miss to taste the typical food of this Flower city. You can buy typical peuyeum of Bandung at the center of souvenirs that are around the street Cihampelas, terminal Leuwipanjang or Cileunyi.
Happy Holidays All, …

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