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farm house, farm house lembang, bandung, west java, indonesia

Farm House-Lembang-Bandung

Farm House-Lembang-Bandung

Farm House, Lembang located at Cihideung Jl. Raya Lembang No. 108, the line is easy to reach by either four-wheeled vehicles and motorcycles. To visit this site visitors from outside Jakarta or Bandung can use rail transportation to the Bandung station then proceed to ride public transportation routes station Bandung to Lembang.
These Farm house are in the main line Bandung – Lembang and a direction toward the other tourist attractions such as the Floating Market, De’ranch and Maribaya waterfall.
Farm house Lembang is an exciting new recreation area to visit with a girlfriend, friends, and family. Especially during the holiday weekend, of togetherness will be more fun to enjoy a holiday in the open. presents a miniature view of the countryside, the atmosphere is a little impressed as in one of the European environment.

farm house, farm house lembang, bandung, west java, indonesia

Entering the entrance Farmhouse Lembang we will be greeted by the officer who directs the vehicle and approached the officer will ticket you, here we have to buy tickets and pay for the parking of vehicles.
 Parking Ticket price: Motorcycle Rp. 5000, Car Rp. 10.000, –
 The parking area is quite wide, it looks clean and tidy, some janitor looks so swiftly clean up and tidy up this area.
 After parking the vehicle, you can enter the main area of tourism, in the gate we will be greeted with a view of the waterfall which is quite beautiful, although it seems this is not a natural waterfall, but it looks very natural with rocks alloy which makes it more beautiful. The visitors can take a picture of this waterfall as a backdrop.
 Here there is a sign/instructions that tell the direction to redeem admission with a glass of milk or grilled sausage, just select the appropriate your taste.
Follow the instructions to sign / entrance we walk down a road that has been designed in such a way with plenty of seating on the side, so there are plenty of places to rest.
 At the end of this path we will find a home / small shop selling a variety of handicrafts, in front of him are ornate, old bicycles are white, contrasting with the surrounding environment dominated by the color green, here is usually the visitors to capture the moment vacation, reasonable indeed because this spot is quite nice to be made in the background of the photo.
There are two options to continue the journey paths, entering a sort of gate more towards fountains or entering the building that sells a variety of souvenirs, There is also a variety of interesting handicraft that can be purchased here.
 The next room through the store exit and take the direction to the left we will find the toilet facilities were quite clean and comfortable.
Furthermore, we can find fresh juice outlets, those who thirst, just to take a break here, while you enjoy the healthy juice.

Some interesting spots

On the second floor, there is a juice outlet space/spots for the pre-wedding photo session, for the moment this space is still open to the public. Plan taking pre-wedding photos here? please, because the spot is quite interesting with the background of a typical building European-style design.
In addition, there is a restaurant outlets juice, grilled chicken grill can be seen clearly here, to make visitors hungry. In the other part, there are also several cafe/restaurant open.
 For children there are several cages of birds and other fauna on the left side of the ticket exchange space with milk / grilled sausage, in this area too, we will find the hobbit house, stables goats, and horses and a rabbit hutch.
 In general, Lembang Farmhouse location is perfect for those of you who like to take pictures of many interesting spots to be used as a background image. Not surprisingly, almost every corner, many visitors that are lining up to get the best photo spot.

Admission to Farmhouse Lembang

To enter the Farmhouse Lembang tourist sites, visitors are charged the entrance fee of Rp. 20.000, – / person.
This ticket can be exchanged for a glass of milk or grilled sausages.
This location is open every day starting at 9 am and closes at 9 pm.

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