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Begonia Garden Lembang – Flower Paradise

Begonia Garden Lembang – Flower Paradise 

Begonia Garden Lembang Bandung its existence as the Flower City and Paris Van Java, again be evidenced by the presence of Tourist Attractions in Bandung that it is so phenomenal, Garden Flowers in Bandung with the full name of Parks Begonia Glory, is an area that was established with one goal is enrich Floriculture Indonesia, therefore invented a garden area of interest which is equipped with various kinds of garden flowers such as flower Celosia, Melampodium, Flowers Impatiens, Salvia flowers, flowers Geranium, and many other flower varieties.
Given the name of Begonia Garden because in Begonia Garden Lembang plateau is dominated by one of the leading commodity and the belle of this Garden namely Flower Balinea. Balinea itself is an extension of the Begonia flower that comes from one of the well-known Island with the world of tourism, Bali.
Begonia Garden Lembang – Flower Paradise the Earth of Parahyangan

Begonia Lembang Garden located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. designed as the cultivation of a variety of flowers, as well as nature tourism green, then variety of facilities was built here so that it can accommodate all aspects of comfort traveled, visitors or tourists in this place, like many areas the flower gardens which extend beautiful gardens planted by various vegetables, and one exclusive facilities in the region that is some cafe which has a menu of food that can not be missed. While eating and drinking you and other travelers are will be able to enjoy the fresh mountain air and a view of a beautiful flower garden.

What makes Balinea Flower very so famous and phenomenal for lovers and the audience anyway, Balinea is Begonia flowers of Bali, the display looks very beautiful shape and color, and beautiful. Flowers Begonia when compared to the type or variety of flower plants in general that we already know is, flower balinea it can grow well on the uplands and low, can grow bushy throughout the season, is highly resistant to extreme weather good rainy season or summer, and is believed to be very easy to maintain. This Balinea Plants can be planted in various contours of the land as well as a variety of placements such plants grown in the garden, yard, street residential, hotels, and city parks, with good media for pot, balcony, or on the ground directly.
Begonia Garden Lembang
Flower Paradise the Earth of Parahyangan

Not only that, as the integrated nature tourism in Lembang, in Begonia garden visitors / tourists are given a unique way of travel and fun, you are allowed to pluck fruits plants itself in a special area of existing plantations around the park this Begonia. Vegetables that have been picked in the garden had been able to direct you eat at a place, or also taken which were then cooked in place provided by the management of the park. Vegetables grown in the plantation area of Begonia garden Lembang These include chili, corn, eggplant purple, cherry tomatoes, white eggplant, cactus, broccoli, and other vegetables plants typical highland Lembang.

Outbound travel in Lembang Begonia garden
as an area of natural attractions integrated, the flower gardens, a tour in the Garden Begonia Lembang, travelers or tourists are not only treated to the beauty which the flowers and the natural beauty of the typical earth Parahyangan beautiful course, but there are also facilities other cool, who can be enjoyed by visitors who come here. an entertainment facility who is guaranteed to be able to relax the nerves as well as the burden of thinking, the facilities typical form of outbound activities with concepts Fun Begonia garden, Treasure Hunt. Outbound ala Begonia garden include, puzzle treasure, secret passage, pinata, and farm trekking.
Admission prices of Begonia garden Lembang
All facilities beauty of Begonia Lembang garden and outbound travel can be enjoyed by paying an entrance fee of Begonia Flower Garden IDR 10,000 / person. But especially for visitors who bring a professional camera with a high resolution DSLR, then there is an additional entrance fee IDR 50,000.
Flowers Price
Travelers if interested and want to bring home typical flowers Balinea can be purchased at prices ranging from IDR 20,000.
Opening hours of Begonia garden Lembang
This begonia flower garden is open every day from 8am to 5pm.
Begonia Lembang garden Address
Jalan Maribaya No. 120 A, Lembang – Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Phone: +62 22 2788-527 – HP: +62 812-220-0202 – E-mail:
To access Begonia garden
Access to the Garden Begonia Lembang, could with four-wheel vehicles and motorcycles, there are two alternative paths who travelers can use to be able to garden Begonia Lembang. The first path is to use the Path Setiabudi, if through this route you will pass through the city lembang first and then go into the street Maribaya. The second route is through Dago, headed lawang wangi, if over this path you will pass through the city lembang because the line can be called an alternative pathway to Lembang. 
If you use public transportation, you can go down right in the market Lembang, ride rural transport, towards Cibodas. If you want to relax and want to enjoy the journey, you can hire a horse-drawn carriage / Delman in the market towards Begonia garden Lembang.
thus information Tourist Attractions in Bandung, a “Paradise Flowers of Earth Parahyangan” that you can make tourist destinations in the weekend or the holidays, please come in and enjoy the beauty, the charm of Begonia Lembang garden.

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