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Diamonds-Factory-Travel destination-in-Bandung-Indonesia

Diamonds-Factory-Travel destination-in-Bandung-Indonesia
The city of Bandung, Besides the cool air and tourist accommodation facilities in the city of flowers, arguably very complete. Hotel, transportation, places to eat, get a variety of interesting and romantic travel destinations are available with various options. You just select from the super expensive price to a cheap all there. One of the newest destinations in this city that are hits, is Indo Wisata Permata (IWP). Complex located in the area of Citra Green Block N No. 1-10, Dago Atas, Bandung, IWP offers educational tours for lovers of gemstones, particularly diamonds. IWP claimed as the first Asia diamond tourist attractions . Tourists will  see the process of making the high value, Shiny diamond, that the material of the Borneo guaranteed the best quality which excellent. Mesa Yudi, Indo Wisata Permata (IWP) President Director explains, visitors no longer served the way they shape of gemstones in the conventional or traditional. IWP gallery precisely presenting the latest technology machine that helped the expertise of the trained personnel.
“During this time polishing gemstones with conventional pattern requires a long time that quality does not warrant so good,” he said.
He mentions, for these characters diamond or diamonds from Borneo have got the public’s trust world. However, if the processing of precious stones is still traditional, of course, the mainstay of Indonesia’s gem quality can be overtaken by the grandeur of diamonds from Africa.
“Diamond Kalimantan, the best in the world. Not a secret, expert gemstone is universally recognized rock Kalimantan origin. Aspects maturity of crystal and light, Borneo diamond is better than Africa,” said Yudi.
“But we do not force visitors to buy diamonds. The most important is precisely relates educated visitors stages this precious stone material processing into quality diamonds,” IWP owned advanced machines capable of producing diamonds weighing in total 500 carats per month. Yudi said, Wisata Permata (IWP) is in fact already known some people at the beginning of January 2016. Public welcome the presence of new tourist destinations in the city of Bandung. “At that time, the public interest is very good,” said Yudi.
After that, Yudi said that since February 14, 2016, the gallery opened to the public. The place is deliberately invites the public to see firsthand the stages of manufacture of the diamond.
There’s more to educating, IWP at the same time places to shop in Bandung for those who like a diamond. The price of diamond jewelry in the gallery IWP varied, from cheapest to most expensive IDR 1 million to billions of rupiah. IWP Gallery opening hours from 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.
The price of admission this area simply pay voucher worth IDR 50 thousand per person. This voucher can be used for discounts, for visitors who buy a diamond. If you do not buy a diamond, the voucher can be exchanged for food and beverages. in this place there is a cafe that serves food menu. and access road to the IWP is easy. The Jalan Juanda (Dago) benchmark  leading to Forest Park (Tahura) Juanda. IWP building location distance is only about one kilometer from the Terminal Dago. All Visitor Vehicle  after passing through Terminal Dago left turn from sign in a residential area. Before arriving at the gallery, visitors will pass through the road condition and the steep downhill inclines.
Location and Address: Komplek Citra Green Block N No. 1-10, Dago Atas, The city of Bandung
Ticket Price: IDR. 50.000, –

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