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This 3D museum called Amazing-Art-World-Bandung, opened to the public since January 2017 ago. Confirmed from the owner who is familiarly called Han, the painting in the 3D museum of Bandung is the work of 15 people painters. Indeed, not all painters are from Indonesia, 5 people came from Korea. However, 10 others came from Bandung, Indonesia. Han, the owner immediately searched for his painters in Jalan Braga. Little information for you who come from outside Bandung, along Jalan Braga from the past have many painters who sell various works of painting.

Claimed by the owner, the 3D Museum Art is the Biggest in the World With an area of about 15,500 square meters, making this museum place the largest 3-dimensional photographs in the World.

Various Zones with Various Themes at Amazing Art World Bandung.

1.Aqua Zone
In this zone you can take pictures just like an adventure into the vast ocean world. Not only that, you will be presented with a variety of famous paintings ferocious sea predators.

2.Dinosaur Zone
We are not alive when the ancient animal of this dinosaur is extinct, but in this zone you can take pictures with various dinosaurs that lived in the past. One of the pose is when you seem to be stealing dinosaur 3D-museum-Amazing-Art-World-Bandungeggs.

3.Animal Zone
The sensation offered like you’re in the jungle and its animals – wild animals such as lions or elephants, and there are also still many others.

4.Love Zone
As the name implies, this one zone will be very fitting if you bring a partner. In Love Zone you can express your romance couple in the form of photographs.

5.Fantasy Zone
Imagine taking pictures with something that is impossible? In this zone you can realize your fantasies. For example you can be as if you have wings.

6.Winter Zone
Ever dreamed to take pictures in the snow? In this zone you can take pictures in the snow without having to feel the cold.

7.Painting Zone3D-museum-Amazing-Art-World-Bandung
In this zone you will be introduced to world-class painting like Monalisa, you will be presented as if the element of the painting looks real.

8.Roma-Italian Zone
Want to feel like riding a boat like in Venice? Try visiting this zone.

9.Video Art Zone
Video but painted? Definitely make you curious and interesting to be taken as your photo spot.

10.Daily Zone
In this zone you can take pictures with various paintings typical of Indonesia. Such as traditional markets that float above the river and others.

Admission Price and Address Museum 3D Amazing Art World Bandung

For the ticket price at the beginning of the opening there is a discount of 30%, there is a difference in price on weekdays and weekends. As well as grouped by type or age.
For Monday to Friday, Adult IDR 130.000, Student IDR 100.000, Children IDR 80.000.
For Saturday and Sunday, Adult IDR 170.000, Student IDR 130.000, Children IDR 100.000.
A little extra for those of you who bring a private vehicle will be charged IDR 10,000 parking fee.

Operating Hours Amazing Art World Bandung

Open from 09:00 to 21:00, but for ticket sales only until 20:00. So it’s better to come before the ticket purchasing hours are closed.

Address of 3 Dimensional Museum of Amazing Art Worl3D-museum-Amazing-Art-World-Bandungd Bandung

The location is not far from Terminal Ledeng, for those of you who ride public transportation can look for public transport to Ledeng. Can also look for public transportation to the direction of Lembang, if you depart from Bandung Station. After you see Hotel Grand Mercure, not far in front of it. You’ve arrived at the location. Precisely located on Jl. Setiabudhi No.293, Isola, Sukasari, Bandung City, West Java 40154 or with coordinates 6 ° 51’06.1 “S 107 ° 35’47.4” E.

When visiting Amazing-Art-World-Bandung, you are required to remove the footwear so as not to pollute the paintings, not to bring food and drink, and to not carry stationery.

Have a nice Holiday Guys …

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