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Horseback riding-Cowboy-Style-at De Ranch

Horseback riding-Cowboy-De Ranch

Horseback riding-Cowboy-De Ranch

This tourist attraction became one of the places visited by many tourists to fill out the holiday, Bandung is a city that became a tourist destination because there are so many interesting sights. From some of the tourist attractions in Bandung, a popular one and become one of the favorites tourist destination in the region and outside the city is Horseback riding-Cowboy-De Ranch, Lembang, Bandung.
In this place, visitors can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty, on the other hand, there are also offers an atmosphere of American cowboy horse ranch style rarely found another tourist place in Indonesia.

Horseback riding-Cowboy-De Ranch

The tourist attraction located at Jl. Raya Maribaya No.17, Kayuambon, Lembang, West Bandung regency, West Java. also, offers a variety of vehicle rides and it becomes the main attraction for tourists to come to the tourist attraction Horseback riding-Cowboy-de ranch Lembang. for those of you who are looking for a  vacation place, this attraction can be an attractive option, visitors can enjoy the natural atmosphere which is still green lush with a cool air because of the location in the highland valley area.

De ranch Lembang Bandung, actually already quite a long time began to open, that is around December 2007, initially this place is a spot of maintenance as well as dairy cattle and Horseback riding-Cowboy-de ranch, as assessed to have a unique tourism potential then the Management opened this place with the main concept of cowboy-style horse tour Fun and educative. As time passes many tourists come from various cities and to make this place more interesting then they presented various types of games and facilities so that visitors can feel at ease and comfortable while in this resort, around the de ranch there are also many hotels or inns so that the tourists who come from out of town and willing to spend the night there, can choose according to desire.Horseback riding-Cowboy-De Ranch

Well that’s a bit of an idea about de ranch Lembang, if interested to visit it you can come with family, friends or couples for refreshing at the same time filling holiday after days through the daily activities, but is a good idea if you know the price of admission to de ranch valley in order to prepare a budget that is necessary to enter the tourist area.

Admission Price to De Ranch Lembang

Tuesday to Friday (Weekday) IDR 5.000 – Saturday and Sunday (Weekend) IDR. 5,000

Ticket Price  and Game at De Ranch Lembang

Game Name

Ticket Price

Horse carriage

IDR. 30.000 / lap / 3 people


IDR. 25.000 / 15 minutes / person

Horse Back Riding

IDR. 25,000 / round / person

Riding Pony

IDR. 25.000 / 2x laps/ pony

The Gold Hunter

IDR. 20,000 / 15 minutes / person

Fun Boat

IDR.000 / 15 minutes / person

Fishing Pond

IDR. 20,000 / 30 minutes / person

Flying Fox

IDR. 20.000 / 1x glide / person

 Air Balloon

IDR. 20,000 / 5 minutes / person

Bicycle Track

IDR. 20,000 / 15 minutes / person

Toddler Bike

IDR. 20,000 / 30 minutes / child

 Child Skip Game

IDR. 20.000 / 15 minutes / child

Toddler Fishing

IDR. 20.000 / 15 minutes / child


IDR. 20,000 / 5 minutes / person


IDR. 20,000 / 10 arrows / person

Indian Totem Pond

IDR.20,000 / 15 minutes / person

Pony Kidz

IDR. 20.000 / 15 minutes / child

Kid trick

IDR. 20.000 / 15 minutes / child

Horse  Swing

IDR.20,000 / 3 minutes / person

The Sled

IDR. 15.000 / 2x glide / child

Outside Horse carriage

IDR. 40.000 / 3 people

Riding Out (horseback riding off De Ranch)

IDR. 200,000 / 60 minutes / person

The operational hours of de ranch lembang are open every day except Monday Holiday, while for Tuesday to Friday opens at 09.00-17.00 WIB, then for Saturday and Sunday and Public Holidays opens at 08.00-18.00 WIB.

Map of De Ranch Lembang

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