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Dago DreamPark

Dago DreamPark In Bandung

Dago DreamPark

Dago DreamPark becomes very familiar not only for the citizens of Bandung itself but more than thDago DreamParkat a favorite place for tourists, domestic and foreign when vacationing in Bandung. DreamPark Dago was first opened to the public since the month of July 2016 With the concept and tagline “Fun In Nature“, Dago DreamPark is designed as an integrated tourism area that offers a variety of entertainment and outbound tours for all visitors. And an area that is wide enough, you and your family can play in a tourist area that is actually very comfortable to visit with all the activities that interest.

The first thing you can enjoy when vacationing here is you can freely enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains are still very natural, beautiful and cool air. Many visitors take advantage of the circumstances surrounding Dago DreamPark to relax and take pictures, which are then shared to many social media accounts.Dago DreamPark
Another interesting tour of the tourist attractions in northern Bandung is a variety of rides available for children’s games tailored to the level of age of your children. Some interesting games such as cycling circuit, flying fox, ride horse riding like at D ‘Ranch Lembang, labyrinth and many others.

For you as a parent, you do not have to worry if your kids want to try the games above because for the convenience and security of visitors, has provided a crew escort. You just sit relax remove routine of work heDago DreamParkre while waiting for your children to play in huts or gazebo that has been provided under the trees.

Other interesting tourist activities here are, visitors can enjoy the adventure tour in the form of rides playing nature roaming, such as trying the Kora Kora, Flying Fox, rowing boats, and fishing.
Not only that, any visitor if tired and hungry during the tour here, has been available culinary center with a variety of delicious menus such as Places to Eat in Bandung.

Admission Price to Dago Dreampark

For traveler’s who are interested in visiting here, you must set up the entrance fee of this touristDago DreamPark area of IDR.20.000 only. While for motorcycle parking IDR.5.000 and Cars IDR.10.000

Meanwhile, to be able to enjoy various rides or other facilities, you must pay more tickets, and the price is adjusted to the level of each game rides.

Note: Entrance tickets above can be exchanged for souvenirs, and ticket prices may change at any time

Dago Dreampark Address

• Jalan Dago Giri KM 2.2 Mekarwangi Village, Lembang Sub-district, West Bandung Regency-West Java 40135

Phone Number Dago Dreampark

• For ticket pricing information, game rides, event events, reservation places and other information, please contact at 0812-2230-068

Dago Dreampark Open Hour

• This place is open from 08.00 – 20.00 WIB

Location Map Dago Dreampark

• Please see here

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