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Jaipongan Dance-masterpiece performance

Jaipongan masterpiece performance

The establishment of galak sinongnong Studio

Galak sinongnong studio, Teach jaipongan dance led by kang yayan abuy, a graduate of the art academy in Bandung. This studio was founded on 12 October 2012 on the idea of his brothers and family to appreciate the talents of kang yayan in making jaipongan dance choreography.
Kang yayan has a desire to develop a distinct jaipongan dance form and has a more energetic movement. Then combined jaipongan dance with modern wayang movement. The title of the dance is not far fjaipongan dance Crom the story of puppet originating from India. The story of the Mahabharata and its prominent figures such as Subali Sugriwa, Srikandi, Hanoman etc.
Which makes, Galak sinongnong studio different from other jaipongan dance studio in Bandung. Of the first established only have 10 students and after moving from one place to another finally, now 2 years have a fixed place, the result of cooperation with a college (UNPAD) is located at jl. Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago) Bandung. And his students have reached the number of almost two hundred, Located in several cities in west Java, such as Bandung, Sumedang, Garut, Subang and Karawang also got some achievement from his students, domestic until abroad performances have been done too.

A glimpse of  jaipongan dance

This dance began to be widely known since the 1970s. The emergence of dance works Gugum Gumbira initially called Ketuk Tilu developments, the basic dance is because it is a development of Tap Tilu. The first work of Gugum Gumbira is still very thick with the color of ibing Ketuk Tilu, both in terms of choreography and accompaniment, which then became popular with the dance Jaipongan.
The presence of Jaipongan makes a considerable contribution to the dance artists, to more actively explore the kind of folk dances that previously lacked attention. With the emergence of Jaipongan dance, utilized by dance artists to hold Jaipongan dance courses, also used by night pub entrepreneurs as enticement of invited guests, where further development of business opportunity of this kind was formed by dance artist as economic empowerment effort with the name of Sanggar Tari Or studio jaipongan.jaipongan dance
Today Jaipongan dance can be called as one of the identities of West Java, this is seen in some important events related to guests from foreign countries who come to West Java, then greeted with dance performances Jaipongan. Similarly, the arts missions to foreign countries are always equipped with Jaipongan dance. Jaipongan dance influences many other arts that exist in West Java society, both in the art of wayang performance, degung, genjring / terbangan, harp jaipong, and almost all the folk performances as well as in modern dangdut music collaborated with Jaipong.

The First Jaipongan masterpiece performance

On April 9, 2017, the galak sinongnong studio held its first masterpiece and was never held by other studios. This event is a dream that has long been desired by kang yayan and after 3 years time can finjaipongan danceally be implemented.
A masterpiece performance packed with stage and lighting, which is very luxurious. Also made 3 different stages. The left stage for the gamelan instruments of wayang puppets from giriharja artists, the center stage for the main events, the hosts, the singers and the dancers while the right stage for gamelan instruments combined with modern musical instruments. Left and right stages are applied to two large screens for video visualization.

Presents 5 Art works of  Jaipongan dance.

At this performance masterpiece, Galak sinongnong studio. Presents 4 works of his dance art. Including:

  1. Kentring Manik dance (tells of a beautiful princess named Kentring Manik, who is meek and charismatic but becomes a mighty warrior while on the battlefield)
  2. Purabaya Dance (tells a hero named Gatot Kaca, who died on the battlefield, therefore anyone who died on the battlefield, to defend his country, called Purabaya)
  3. Satria Pajajaran dance (telling of the birth of a Sunda warrior, who returned the spirit of his people to remain faithful to defend his homeland from colonialism)
  4. Karna Tanding Dance (telling about the battle between the Commander of Karna war against his own brother, who fought for the opponent. Despite her sad against his own brother, but because of his soldiers’ oath, he was forced to kill his own brother)
  5. Hanuman Duta dance (telling about the Gods (sanghyang Manik Maya), who sent his monkey son to earth, his name is Hanoman, to create peace in the world)

I personally watched the show, feel goosebumps because I was touched and proud of this Sundanese art.
Bravo kang yayan, keep up the great Job and stay preserve Sundanese culture.

The Video

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