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Srikandi Mustakawening Jaipong Dance

Srikandi Mustakawening Jaipong Dance

Mustakaweni takes revenge

Dewi Mustakaweni a daughter of King Bumiloka, in Manimantika country (Sundanese wayang/puppet story). This princess will take revenge on the relatives of the Pandavas who have killed her family. Dewi Mustakaweni left her palace and country, without her brother’s permission.
Dewi Mustakaweni stopped by the presence of a giant priest, namely Begawan Kalapuyangga to ask for blessings. The request was granted by the Priest.

Dewi Mustakaweni’s mission

Dewi Mustakaweni then changed shape to resemble Gatotkaca and got a message to steal the Kalimasada letter, inviting the Pandawa family heir to the Puntadewa.
Arriving at Amarta country, he could easily cheat Dewi Drupadi, Empress Prabu Puntadewa and managed to get the ajimat Kalimasada letter.
The Fake Raden Gatotkaca was known by Dewi Srikandi and was immediately followed by Dewi Mustakaweni. There was a fight between the two goddesses. Dewi Mustakaweni lost and fled by flying to the clouds. Dewi Srikandi can’t catch up, and she cries.
srikandi mustakawening - sundanese jaipongan dance

The pursuit of Dewi Mustakaweni

When Dewi Srikandi was walking, she met Bambang Priyambada who was heading to Madukara, the land of Arjuna, going to Raden Arjuna. After Priyambada learned about the incident, Dewi Mustakaweni followed it and there was a fight between Priyambada and Dewi Mustakaweni with their respective powers, fighting over the Kalimahusada letter.
Then Priyambada let go of the occult arrow about Dewi Mustakaweni. Immediately Dewi Mustakaweni became naked and then entered the pool and gave up. Furthermore, Dewi Mustakaweni was married by Bambang Priyambada.

Story conclusions

Before the war ended, the Kalimahusada letter was handed over to Petruk by Bambang Priyambada. According to Raden Priyambada, if the Kalimahusada letter was handed over to Petruk, Mustakaweni would not have been able to seize it.

But after Petruk held the Kalimahusada letter, he became powerful and changed his mind. Petruk wants to have the inheritance. Then he went to the Ngrancangkencana country, and because of his power, he can beat the king Ngrancangkencana it, and Petruk be a King in the land. This is the beginning of the story of Petruk becoming king.

Judging from this, it turns out that the letter Kalimahusada can also be controlled by anyone, but it must be on a noble person. So it is not wrong that Petruk at that time got glory in his soul. But the glory is not fixed, it will be destroyed too. Evidently after Petruk became king, He forgot everything, and then returned like an ordinary Petruk.

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