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Srikandi Mustakawening Jaipong Dance

Srikandi Mustakawening Jaipong Dance Mustakaweni takes revenge Dewi Mustakaweni a daughter of King Bumiloka, in Manimantika country (Sundanese wayang/puppet story). This princess will take revenge on the relatives of the Pandavas who have killed her family. Dewi Mustakaweni left her palace and country, without her brother’s permission. Dewi Mustakaweni stopped by the presence of a […]

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Dago DreamPark

Dago DreamPark In Bandung

Dago DreamPark Dago DreamPark becomes very familiar not only for the citizens of Bandung itself but more than that a favorite place for tourists, domestic and foreign when vacationing in Bandung. DreamPark Dago was first opened to the public since the month of July 2016 With the concept and tagline “Fun In Nature“, Dago DreamPark is designed […]

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Pawon-cave-For-Travel-Destination   Pawon cave, located in west Bandung, Padalarang. the exact location is in the Village of Mount Masigit, District Cipatat, Padalarang, West Bandung regency, about 25 km west of the city of Bandung. Bandung highland region, its position located approximately 601 meters above sea level. Current location is right in the area around the […]

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Siliwangi-Waterfalls-Bandung   Siliwangi Waterfalls located in the area of ecotourism in the complex of Puntang Mount Gunung Malabar, managed by BKPH Banjaran, Bandung KPH South. The natural attractions are located at an altitude of 1290 m above sea level, with the configuration of the field in general bumpy with air temperatures of 18 to 23 […]

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